Moved to Slackware


So I moved to Slackware.

I tired from custom systems I built for almost nine years. I do not want to build everything from source. I want a portable system which just works™ (for myself however, not for anyone and their cat like Debian claims).

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XPCBC and WBM: Disk encryption modes of operation.


I designed some new modes of operations, which are all based on PCBC mode. They are storage media modes, i.e. disk encryption modes, and should not be used in other contexts, i.e., to encrypt traffic for example.

I made them because I am interested in designing a storage media mode which could easily hide large regions of highly redundant data together with high resistance to attempts to see data shapes through difference between (two) storage media images.

I just post them for review, if anyone is interested.

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xautolock mystery.


xautolock is a rusty piece of software. Last release was in 2007. I used it together with slock, because I hate when my monitor wastes power just to display cute (although useless) colorful patterns. I prefer my hardware to eat little power when I am away.

This piece of security code had failed, leaving my desktop unlocked for a few hours. This is bad, and should be fixed ASAP.

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ssize_t is useless type.


POSIX introduced ssize_t. The only reason why that ssize_t is exist is to represent a -1 number easily. Obviously, there cannot be a “negative” size of an object, or a number of bytes, or whatever like that.

Common system calls such as read and write return ssize_t. Thus, they are required not to return a number greater than 0x7fffffff if size_t is 32 bit integer.

While this does not limit you from reading files, and it is nothing to deal with large file support (although it could be matter of time and someday programs will start to transfer 2GB packets easily), from an idealist point of view it is useless.

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Здравствуйте! Hello, world!


Привет! Меня зовут Андрей Рысь, я - любитель силовой электроники и программист на языке Си. Я живу в Сибири, под Красноярском, в России.

Мой интерес сейчас представлен силовой электроникой. Это моё хобби, которое (к счастью для меня) переросло в нечто большее!

Я также люблю писать различный софт, в основном я пишу на языке Си, C99. Причём опубликованное написано только на языке Си.

Меня также крайне завораживает криптография и всё, что с ней связно. Я обожаю шифровать и расшифровывать, если мне это удаётся (смеётся).

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